Memorable Meals

The best meal I ever had was on a train from Lisbon, Portugal to Pamplona, Spain. My two friends and I were the first people in the dining car and we kept asking the Portuguese waiter for menus, but they never came. Instead, once the dining car was full, the waiters brought out the same first course to each diner, then the second course, then the third … on, and on, and on. It was culinary choreography with the breathtaking backdrop of the Portuguese and Spanish countryside. Delicious food in a delicious setting.

Have you had eaten Beijing Duck in Beijing? Had foie gras on top of the Eiffel Tower? Tell us about your most memorable meal abroad.

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  1. Delectable “reef fish” fresh caught spiced with the most amazing flavors on Rangali island in the Maldives, Sri Lankan prawns in Negumbo Sri Lanka, in curry, Kobe Beef in Japan – and the entire Ramadan buffet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Oh – New Zealand lamb in Wellington….I don’t even know where to start! Yes, so many amazingly good meals! 🙂 I had a food blog for a while and then deleted it.

    Yes I have had Beijing duck in Beijing 🙂 it was good.

  2. I’ve had waffles in Belgium and pizza in Italy. HAAAA. What an utter waste – I should have gone for the foie gras on top of the Eiffel Tower. But, I was a kid (19) so that was the extent of my culinary ambitions back then in BFN – you know, my Before Food Network days. Days which have since expanded my culinary inquisitiveness. My BEST meal, though, was on my honeymoon in Spain at a restaurant that actually made the best gnocci I’ve ever had hahaha.

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