Extreme Eating Adventures

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten abroad? For me, it was haggis in Edinburgh, Scotland and blood pudding in Oxford, England. I only found out what was in these two dishes after I’d already eaten them: haggis consists of really gross parts of a sheep or calf mixed with oatmeal and seasonings, and boiled in a lining made from an animal’s stomach; blood pudding is made of … well, let’s just say it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Hungry, anyone?

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  1. I am honestly not sure how to even start to answer that one. I’ll let you choose which you think was the most odd – here are the candidates:
    1) Puppy bowl that I, found out after I was halfway through with it eating it what it was, and finished because I didn’t want to insult the nice hosts who had made it for me
    2) Snack soup” which I ate at a Chinese banquet and naively asked some after why it was a “snack” soup – turns out they had misspelled the English and it was actually python should have read “Snake Soup.”
    3) bumblebees fried like French fries and scorpion-on-a-stick – I did know what those were.
    4) Camel barbecued fermented mares milk. (Mongolia)
    5) Horse Sushi – yes, raw horse, in Tokyo.

    Which wins? 🙂

    • Definitely a 5-way tie. You are one adventuresome gal. Did you have a favorite — any that actually tasted surprisingly good?

      • Actually the basashi – the horse sushi was amazing. And the dog dog was cooked and flavored so well that it was also really good! It was home cooked really juicy – I am glad I didn’t know what I was eating at first, because I really enjoyed it!

  2. Hi, Nathalie! This is your Aunt Betty. A “most memorable” food for me was an octopus soup in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. I thought it the octopus would be something that would resemble any other cut-up meat, but when I got a spoonful with meat still having the little sucker things on it, I really didn’t want to put it in my mouth. But, being young at the time, and a food adventurer, I proceeded to eat the soup, and it was quite tasty. Visually, not so great. 🙂

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