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Who doesn’t love to hear a good travel story? Ironically, it seems the “best” travel stories usually involve a good deal of inconvenience, embarrassment, and expense … like Christine who had to pay over $1,500 in overweight baggage fees because her airline charged by the ounce.

But with time and distance, there’s something healing about being able to tell one’s tale and laugh about the whole thing. So, what’s your travel story?

Every week or so I’ll post a new travel question and invite your response. To get started, click on any of the threads under Your Story in the sidebar to the right. Join the discussion at any time. Bring on those travel stories!

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  1. As you suggested might be the case, my story became too long to fit here. So, I wrote it up in a document and will attach it to an email. It tells about us stopping and helping at a motor vehicle accident north of Dallas a week or so ago.

    It ends like this, “Before you go, may I pray for you?” I asked. She agreed. We had a short prayer with her. “Father God. We have no idea what you are doing right now in Susie’s life. But we know you love her and can turn all of this for good. Thank you that no one got hurt in this accident. Thank you for allowing us to stop and help Susie. We pray that she will be open to you and whatever you want for her life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

    Together we agreed that we would follow Susie down the road a ways to be sure her car functioned properly. She took the very next exit, a little ways down the road. We followed. She waved, signaling that all was well. She went on, but I stopped to take the magnet light off the top of our car and it was on to Missouri. Another day, another good deed. Our hope is that those we help will not see or remember us, but rather, that they will see God, demonstrating His love and care through simple acts of kindness by members of His body, the Church. To God Be The Glory.”

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