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Prayerwalking: Making a Difference Around the World

5 October 2010

What is prayerwalking?

Prayerwalking is a term coined rather recently that describes a combination of actions as old as time: praying and walking. Simply put, prayerwalking is communicating with God while walking. There is no formula for prayerwalking: some people walk in groups and pray out loud while others prefer praying silently on their own.

What does prayer have to do with travel?

Want more out of a trip than just souvenirs and postcards? Prayerwalking presents an opportunity for a more meaningful and potentially life-changing experience.

Since prayer can be a silent activity, it is an ideal way to make an eternal difference in a foreign country without offending nationals or making a cultural faux pas.  Prayer can be as natural as thinking and does not need to be uttered to be effective.

Why walk instead of, say, taking a bus tour?

Bus tours have their purpose, but walking tours have increased in popularity over the last decade as travelers realize that there is a better way to see a city than being herded like cattle from one tourist spot to another. People want to experience the sights and smells of the city, to see “behind the scenes” and get a taste of local color. You can’t get that looking out the windows of an air-conditioned bus.

“There is no substitute for the walking tour. Walking allows you to really experience a place—city, town or village—rather than just observing from the window of the bus. Walking tours introduce you to real life and real people, instead of the tourist industry that keeps you at arms length from Europe’s rich cultural experiences.” – Debbie Rodriguez, Director of Journeys of Faith Christian Tours

Why incorporate prayer and travel?

Prayer cuts through barriers of time, space, and cultural differences. Praying not only changes the person or cultural group being prayed for but also changes the intercessors, increasing their sensitivity to the spiritual context of their surroundings, particularly in time of conflict, frustration and insecurity that will often be experienced in a multicultural setting.

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