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New Year, Fresh Start

2 January 2011

A few days ago I accompanied my sister Nanette (the “horse woman”) to a barn where she dropped off a horse for boarding. She put the horse, a male, into a small paddock to get some exercise. We watched as on a nearby hill six grazing horses, also boarded at the barn, lifted their heads in unison to stare at the newcomer.

Within minutes the two bravest horses had made their way down the hill to the paddock and slowly came near the tall male horse. The first one went muzzle to muzzle with him in a friendly manner, as if to say “Where have you been all my life?” The second horse followed suit and before long each of the six horses had extended the same sort of strange friendly greeting.

Then the tall new horse decided he’d had enough. He took a drink, snorted, and off ran all of the horses towards the hills again!

As a newcomer in a small community, I can identify with the feeling of being out of place and struggling a bit to fit in. In a way I wish we humans made integration as easy as with that community of horses. We could just go muzzle to muzzle and be done with it!  

Instead, it takes us a little longer to get used to new places, new people, new jobs, new norms. Yesterday morning we woke to the sound of tornado sirens, hail, and a storm system that killed four people about an hour and a half from us. Welcome to Missouri!

I thank the Lord for a new year and a fresh start. Each new year and each new season of life provide much needed opportunities to press the “reset” button in life, like when the hair drier gets overheated and refuses to work and you have to wait a minute or two, press “reset” and everything starts working again.

Fresh. New. Reset.