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Avoid Jetlag by Fasting? Hmmmmm.

28 May 2012

Have you ever:

  • Felt wide awake in the middle of the night when you should have been sleeping?
  • Had huge food cravings at the most inconvenient times?
  • Felt groggy and like your head was full of concrete in the middle of the day?

You may have been experiencing jetlag. Anyone who’s suffered jetlag can testify to how maddening it can be. The rule of thumb is that it takes one day to recover from jetlag for every time zone you’ve crossed. For example, if you fly to London from New York you’ll cross five time zones and it will be five hours later at your destination than at your port of departure.

Who wants to spend five days recovering from jetlag? A new study tested the theory that fasting may be key to avoiding jetlag — completely. Watch the video below and see what lengths you’d go through to avoid jetlag. I’m still thinking about this one.