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Greetings from Greece

25 July 2012

Near village of Agii Apostoli

On Monday, I flew from London to Athens. After 3 1/2 weeks of rain in England with highs barely reaching the 60s and lows in the 40s, I had one desire: warmth!! And Greece delivered. It’s been lovely, with temperatures in the 90s, beautiful, consistent, reliable sunshine but a gentle breeze from the ocean and lots of shade to cool things off.

I flew Aegean Airlines, the largest Greek airline. Flying a non-US airline was something I hadn’t done in a while but I was impressed by the quality of the service (okay, so that’s code for “they served a free hot meal and it was good!”). We arrived an hour late but no one seemed too concerned. Everything is so laid back. No customs forms to fill out and just a short passport control line to get through, separated into EU and non-EU members.

The owner of the villa we’re renting picked me up in her car and we drove about an hour to the village of Agii Apostoli where I’ll be staying for a week with my sister, her husband and my two little nieces. I was pleasantly surprised at the modern infrastructure — nice highways and a subway system — and Amelia, my hostess, said all of that is new since the 2004 Olympics.

I found out a lot of information from Amelia concerning the political and educational system here and Greece, and asked her lots of questions about the political climate since the recent elections. As we drew closer to the ocean, the views grew increasingly dramatic and I’d interrupt her every once in a while with a gasp. What a beautiful country!