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My French Pastry Shop Dream

6 January 2011

Do you have a recurring dream? Many people do. My mother, for example, often dreams that we girls are little again and that she is packing up the house for a move. There are boxes and trunks everywhere. And just when she finishes up with one room she turns around and discovers we’ve come behind her and undone all her packing!

I have my own recurring dream that has puzzled me exceedingly over the years.

One of the highlights of my childhood in France was running down to the corner bakery (patisserie) to buy candy and pastries. My younger sister and I would receive an allowance of 10 francs each for the chores we did: she would save most of hers but I would spend much of mine at the bakery.

French Patisserie

In 1996, a couple of years after returning to the States, I started dreaming  repeatedly about being in a French pastry shop. I was always looking for my favorite pastry: a puff pastry shaped like an acorn, filled with creme anglaise, covered with green icing and an acorn top of chocolate sprinkles.

But it seemed that whenever I had plenty of change in my pocket, the bakery would be out of my favorite pastry. Conversely, on the days when they did have it, I never had enough money.

As the years passed, the dream went through various iterations. My favorite local patisserie changed hands and finally shut down and I had to frequent other establishments. In one dream, all the chocolate pastries had been removed from the clear glass cases at the front of the store and had been placed under lock and key in a safe behind the counter.

The last time I had the dream, in 2005, part of the bakery had become a vacuum cleaner rental place. I observed with dismay as a vacuum cleaner was lifted over my precious pastry cases to a waiting customer. It was around that time that the baker’s wife confided in me (whispering to me like it was a state secret) that although they had stopped making my favorite pastry, there was one bakery where it could still be found, if I were willing to travel.

That was the last time I had my crazy recurring pastry shop dream.

(And if you have an interpretation, I’d love to hear it!)