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Ready To Roll: My First Sushi Class

24 October 2011

Tonight I learned how to make, roll, and cut sushi.

My friend Shannon (the one with a knack for finding great places, as noted in A Day Trip to Branson) discovered that a high-end local grocery store was holding cooking classes, and that the next class was on making sushi. I pretty much have to be forced or tricked into trying new things, but I make an exception for anything cooking-related. We signed up.

When we arrived in the kitchen classroom, each place was set with a bowl of rice, a bamboo sushi mat covered with plastic wrap, a plate of nori (seaweed paper), a cup of water, a small cup of sesame seeds, and three different sushi sauces: sushi pink sauce, soy sauce, and ponzu sauce.

Sushi Roll #1: Vegetarian Roll

The chef, Terri Smith, immediately put us at ease with her friendly manner. A couple of kitchen helpers brought tea and water to our tables throughout the lesson and added a special touch of hospitality. Terri and her sous-chef never talked down to us, but always explained things in very simple terms  — which I really appreciated because it can be a little intimidating to learn a new craft, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

Most everything had been prepped in advance as far as the sushi filling went, so most of the time was spent learning how to put the rice on the nori in the right way, where to put the filling, and how to properly roll it. We used the bamboo mat to roll the sushi. We learned how to make sushi rolls with the rice both on the inside and on the outside.

Sushi Roll #3: Swordfish Sushi


Sushi Roll #2: Spicy Shrimp Roll









I especially enjoyed the fact that they let us sample our sushi as we went along, and even gave us boxes to take home the leftovers! We learned a ton about sushi, got lots and lots of tips, and I can’t wait to sign up for the next class.