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Update: Prayer for Colombia

15 April 2011

On the eve of the team’s mission trip to Colombia, Francisco writes:

“The time has come. Tomorrow is the time to depart after months of expectation and planning. The whole team is anxious to meet Bogota–the city and the people–and see what God will do this Holy Week.

God is faithful. He has provided more than needed. He has refined the schedule and plans by opening amazing doors of opportunity.

I appreciate your love and passion for Colombia, and your prayers and support for this adventure. Please keep your prayers up the coming days. Tomorrow we will board a bus to Reagan International Airport in DC where we will fly out to Houston. By midnight Saturday April 16 we will take off to Bogota where breakfast should be waiting for us around 5:00 am. Take a shower and go.

The week will start at church that same Sunday with preaching, teaching Sunday School and having a good Colombian lunch with the congregation. Some of the other ministries that will keep us busy until Friday are ESL classes, afternoon programs and teen mothers’ ministry, street evangelism and prayer walk, community breakfast, and orphanage visit outside of Bogota. 

Pray for the Spirit to move in might ways, pray for the families who stay in the US. Would you lift the team in you quiet time?

Please enjoy some photos of Bogota, visiting this link. We will be working in many of the places you will see.

With much appreciation,


Prayer for Colombia 2011

19 March 2011

My friend Francisco is leaving for his native Colombia in less than a month with a group of 14 people from his church. He says the plan came into being during last year’s mission trip to Buenos Aires, over a fine cut of world-famous Argentinian beef. Oh, the power of food to inspire! 

Their work will be framed by a holiday called Semana Santa (Holy Week), a major Catholic holiday commemorating the death and resurrection of Christ. They’ll arrive on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday, April 17) to departure on Sábado Santo (Holy Saturday, April 23).

Most of the opportunities will be related to ministries such as:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Tutoring and mentoring children at risk and their families
  • Adolescent single mothers
  • Prayerwalking in downtown Bogota
  • Visiting and serving indigenous displaced people
  • Street evangelism
  • Reaching out to recyclers and their families

Please join this team in prayer. Consider choosing a moment, an hour, a day, or a week to pray for their trip (before, during, even after!). These are some of the prayer needs that Francisco lists:

– The planning. Still working on logistics and coordination of multiple plans.

– Safety for the trip, safety for the families who stay. His wife and 3 children will not be able to come.

– For the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in each team member

– For open hearts and ears

– For God’s provision and wisdom

Francisco will keep us posted on how things are going during the trip. Thank you for praying!