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Your Spiritual Credit Score

Americans are entitled to three free credit reports per year. For a little extra money, you can also find out your all-important credit score, a score between 300 and 850 that determines your eligibility for loans and special interest rates. Looking at your credit report can be frightening because it brings you face-to-face with the reality of how others (loan officers, car salesmen, potential employers) see you.

But have you ever wondered how you’re doing on God’s scale – do you know your spiritual credit score? How would you score if each relationship in your life were counted as an “account” on a credit report?

1. Are your accounts in good standing?

“Paying as agreed” is a crucial component towards having an account in good standing. Do you keep your promises? Can your spouse, your children and your friends count on the fact that when you commit to something, you’ll stick to it even when it requires sacrifice? Sometimes another person closed out your account and you didn’t want them to. Now the account is in poor standing and you feel a lack of control, bitterness and unforgiveness. With God’s help even this account can be turned around.

2. Do you have too many open accounts?

Keep the oldest friendship accounts open – at least the ones in good standing. Maintain these and give them the attention they need. As the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold.” It’s easy to get sloppy and neglectful if you have too many accounts open. Make sure you allow adequate time and resources for each new friendship. Know the difference between “friendship” and “ministry”: surround yourself with a core of friends who are positive people, people who give and take in a balanced way and maintain proper boundaries.

3. Are you paying off debt or just moving it around?

Face your problems, face responsibility. You’ve opened the account, you’ve gotten yourself into debt, now pay it like a man (or woman). In other words, if you’ve stepped into a relationship with a person and it hasn’t worked out, figure out what’s wrong, ask forgiveness, make your peace before moving on or you will continue having the same type of problem with everyone you meet. Work out your issues, settle accounts, and maintain good standing.

Your most important account

A credit report will show any manner of information in the form of bars, graphs, and pie charts, along with a breakdown of all your accounts, both open and closed. But the bottom line really is the overall credit score. In the end, the bottom line is your relationship with God. Do you love him, fear him, spend time with him? Do you feel like you and God have an understanding that this is a busy season of your life and you’ll catch up with him later when you have more time?

In the end, many of us might be surprised by our spiritual credit score. Perhaps we think that we’re doing great, when we’re actually in big trouble. Or maybe we’ve been beating ourselves up about a past mistake and think our spiritual credit report is permanently damaged but in reality there’s no record of it on our report: it’s been blotted out!

Check your credit score — financial and spiritual — on a regular basis and keep those accounts in good standing. You’ll be glad you did.

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