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Where in the World?

9 November 2010

Can you guess where this picture was taken?

Woodstock, England (near Blenheim Palace)


who will be receiving a $25 gift certificate!

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11 Comments to “Where in the World?”

  1. Is it Woodstock / UK?

    • CONGRATULATIONS!! You got it. Woodstock, England! You’re amazing. 🙂 Wish I could offer you a trip to see it, but instead I’ll be sending you a $25 gift certificate to the retailer or restaurant of your choice!

  2. I knew this photo was in England, the door is too quaint to be located any where else 🙂 My first guess was Oxford, but I think Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom is a more educated guess.

  3. London…. Just a guess.

  4. Oxford, England?

  5. Good guesses, both! It is indeed England and Canterbury is an excellent guess. But it’s actually not in Canterbury. 🙂 This is really hard. Next time I’ll make it a little less challenging.

  6. I too was going to guess England. Second guess would be somewhere in South Jersey.

  7. My first guess was Canterbury England…because of Chaucer’s Canterbury tales. So, that’s where I think it is.

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