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Update on Mom

15 November 2010

Sunset in Ozark, MO

Thanks to all of you who’ve prayed for my mom and written encouraging words. She is doing remarkably well under the circumstances, though with daily ups and downs. She still has some speech slurring (especially when she’s tired) and some memory issues but at other times she has remarkable focus and gets on sorting and organizing kicks. She even got out of the house last weekend with dad.

In other news, my parents bought a couple of burial plots this weekend. On Craig’s List. They were excited at the great discount they got. Yes, we’re a pretty strange family. Did I mention my parents celebrated their anniversary several years ago by going down to the local funeral home and picking their funeral plans? Now that’s love.

On Thursday Mom is scheduled for a procedure in which some veins in her esophagus will be banded. I’m not entirely sure what all is involved — just the thought of it makes me light-headed — but I do know it’s risky and mom isn’t looking forward to it, especially if something goes wrong and she has to go back to that hospital

Dad's Deck, Mom's Sunroom

And who can blame her? Twice the doctors there have given up on her and sent her home because they’d reached the end of what they could do for her medically. She’s still officially on hospice. I’d dread going back, too! 

In the meantime, she’s looking forward to the visit of my sister Nanette and the youngest of my parents’ grandchildren, Sahara. And God is providing her with glimpses of heaven, like the beautiful Missouri sunset above.

Many have asked how dad’s doing. Dad is both an optimist and a project person: he’s been keeping his chin up and throwing himself into building a deck and sunroom with his own hands and the help of his trusty and capable friend Robert, aka. “Bob the Builder.” It’s looking great and I can’t wait to enjoy it when I go home at Christmas.


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  1. Praise the Lord… I’ve been wondering, but haven’t even had real time to hug your neck recently. Glad to see this…praying today especially!

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