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Top 10 Airplane Snacks

26 January 2011




Fruit (fresh or dried)


Cheese & crackers


Pita chips & hummus


 Bite-size vegetables


Bagel with jam and butter


Trail mix


Mixed nuts




Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) on anything


5 Comments to “Top 10 Airplane Snacks”

  1. im going to south korea and so you can actually bring like a container of nutella in my carry-on ?

  2. In some cultures it is impolite to eat without offering food to all of those around you. On a low-cost flight from Africa, I once sat beside an elderly Moroccan woman who had brought enough rotisserie chicken to feed the entire row…for a week. I politely declined but guilt stricken, I waited till she fell asleep to eat my little sandwich, all by myself. That’s the same flight that had so many kids running up and down the center aisle, I thought they had a soccer game going. It felt more like a rowdy school bus than an airplane. I think the pilot turned on the flashers and held out a stop sign to halt traffic as we disembarked. And I forgot to bring my nutella baggy.

  3. Nutella as an airplane snack? have you ever actually tried this? You might have to include a ‘how to’. Do you actually bring a jar of nutella and spread it on something, and if so, with what? Or do you spread it on something before hand and try to pack it in something that somehow doesn’t get Nutella everywhere? Or do you buy the tiny metal portions of nutella and then again, how do you spread it with no knife? Or maybe Nutella is just what we would all like to have as a plane snack, but no one has actually pulled it off? 🙂

    • You betcha! You can make “s’more” type sandwiches with graham crackers and a Nutella filling, or you can spread Nutella on a piece of bread, fold it in half and keep it in a plastic baggy. In Europe they have single serve packages of Nutella that you can carry with you but you could make your own by putting some Nutella in a tiny Tupperware container. Check with the airline before you fly but these days they will usually allow you to bring plasticware, including plastic knives, on board.

  4. I hate it when people bring fast food or pizza or anything else pungent on planes. Good list.

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