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Time Out

12 November 2011

It was my freshman year at a Christian college where we were required to attend daily chapel services. At first, we really enjoyed the services and thought of them refreshing times. But as the semester wore on, we started complaining about having to take an hour out of our day when we had so much else to do.

I was rushing back from the store and had just pulled into a parking spot, jumped out of my car and was making my way hurredly to the chapel. I was late. I was thinking about how much I hated being late and wondering if I should just skip, rather than face the embarrassment of being late and having to find a seat.

Suddenly, God spoke so clearly to me that it stopped me in my tracks. He said, “I’m not the One who will be missing out on a blessing.”

I felt so humbled. Why did I go to chapel — really? Lately, it had been to sit with my friends, to notice people, to pass notes discreetly, but in all of that my heart had not been right. I no longer went to worship God, to praise Him, to be refreshed by His spirit or to sit in His presence.

It was true. If I skipped chapel, God would certainly not be missing out on a blessing because had I gone, my heart would not have been in it. I was the one who missed out on a true blessing every time I went to chapel but didn’t open up my heart.

I did skip chapel that day. Instead, I went to the sanctuary of my room where I repented for having lost my focus.

Do you find yourself doing good things because you have to, not because you want to? Does guilt motivate your giving and doing more than an heart of love? With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, this is a great day to take time out and get that focus back on God. Chances are, you’ll not only be more of a blessing to those around you but you’ll also find yourself being a lot more blessed in the process.

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