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The Perfect Cheeseboard Series: Presenting the Whole

24 January 2011

4. Presenting the Whole

  • Garnish, but keep it simple: a sprig of flat leaf parsley, a fig cut in half, a cluster of grapes.
  • Pick a wooden, marble or ceramic board to display that is large enough to keep the cheeses from touching.
  • Choose a plate of unique or original design for the accompaniments.
  • Write pairing suggestions on small cards by the cheese: “Try the Herbes crackers with a slice of brie” or “Try smoked salmon and goat cheese on French bread.”
  • Display cheeses under a glass cloche.
  • Collect and use interesting cheese knives.
  • Serve each cheese with its own knife.

… And What In The World To Do With The Leftovers!

Slice, shred, melt, sprinkle over and bake into. When it comes to using up the leftovers, the sky’s the limit. 

  • Gourmet grilled cheese
  • Scrumptious scrambled eggs
  • Out-of-this-world omelets
  • Delicious sandwiches
  • Creative pizzas
  • Unforgettably cheesy pasta sauces
  • Incredible quiches
  • Anything au gratin
  • World’s best mac-and-cheese
  • Awesome salad toppers
  • Mouth-watering nachos

So next time you’re looking for a party showstopper — whether it’s your own party or someone else’s — take a hint from the French and try your hand at the cheeseboard!


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  1. Leftovers? what leftovers???

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