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The Perfect Cheeseboard Series: Picking Accompaniments

20 January 2011

3. Picking Accompaniments

Now this is the part where you can really have some fun. The saltiness and smoothness of cheese beg for contrast: the sweetness of dried fruit, the crunchiness of nuts, the tartness of gherkins … let your imagination go wild as you consider the whole spectrum of flavors.

Tart – Granny Smith apple wedges, green grapes, gherkins, cornichons

Sweet – Chutney, jam, red grapes, strawberries

Savory/salty – Salami, pate

Mild – Smoked salmon

Bold – Cajun crab dip

Spicy – Chorizo sausage

The result: Sensational.

My Recommendations


Citterio brand Salame Sopressata

Price: $3.99 (3 oz pre-sliced)

Because of shape, works great with baguette slices or round crackers. Great flavor, but can get slimy. Don’t leave out of fridge too long. Would buy again. Score: 4.5 out of 5.

Double Gloucester

Belton Farm Double Gloucester

Price: $6.08 (7 oz)

This homemade English cheese, similar to a good cheddar, has a mild, subtle, rich flavor that would please most palettes. On a cheeseplate, this cheese would be a “safe” choice. Would consider buying again. Score: 4.5 out of 5.


Tour Eiffel brand Caramel color glazed port paté de campagne (product of Canada)

Price: $5.99 (5 oz)

Paté is an acquired test. If you don’t grow up on it, it’s probably difficult to understand why people eat it. If you do grow up on it, nobody has to explain it to you. I’ve been looking for a good paté for a long time and this comes close. My first impression was “so-so” but it grew on me.   Score: 3.5 out of 5.

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