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The Perfect Cheeseboard Series: Choosing the Breads

19 January 2011

2. Choosing the Breads

Once you’ve selected your cheeses – the stars of the show – you’ll want to pick some breads that will show off the shapes, tastes and textures of the cheeses you’ve chosen. Again, assortment is key: start with a good quality French bread (whether a baguette or round loaf) with crusty outside and soft, pillowy mie inside, and play around with other types of bread like rye, sourdough, whole wheat and focaccia. Then turn your attention to crackers and select one or two different types – the varieties are endless!


  • Matching size and shape of cheese to cracker and bread slice
  • Pairing a plain bread or cracker with a tart or tangy cheese
  • Matching up fancy or complex cracker with a smooth, plain cheese
  • Pre-slicing some of the bread on the board so that guests can easily help themselves

Taste Test: LU brand Herbes de Provence Flatbread Crackers

Price: $3.39 (4.25 oz)

“A medley of savory herbs baked into delicious, crispy flatbread crackers.” (From packaging)

My Review: I liked the shape, texture, and the world of pairing possibilities and styling options that these crackers offered, as well as the promise of the blend of seven aromatic herbs having a “magic effect on flavors.” No magic for me, though: I found the flavor of the crackers a bit disappointing, as was the fact that there were so few in the box. I may buy them again because they were fun to pair with different cheeses, but overall I give these flatbread crackers a score of 3.5 out of 5.

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