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The Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

Whether taking tea with the Queen or just a friend, here are 10 helpful things to remember: 


After taking a seat, unfold your napkin and place it immediately on your lap.


Ladies, do not cross your legs at the knees or sit far back in your chair;

Instead, sit towards the edge of the seat and cross your legs at the ankles.


If you are an invited guest, wait to be served. Do not eat until your host/ess has invited you to do so.


If you are the one serving, pour from the teapot with one hand while securing the lid with the other.


Traditionally, if you have milk in your tea you would not take lemon, and vice-versa.


Do not leave your spoon in the tea cup; when not in use, place it quietly on the saucer.


The proper way to hold a tea cup is the way that feels most comfortable and secure to you;

Don’t put out your pinky if that does not seem natural to you, though you may find it useful for balance.


Scones should be split horizontally with a knife then slathered with clotted cream or butter before adding jam or curd.


Eating with your fingers is perfectly acceptable when taking afternoon tea.


If you must rise before the end of the meal, place your napkin in your chair;

Once the meal is finished, place the gently crumpled (not folded) napkin on the table.


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