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Continental’s New Angus Burger: Taking Plane Food to New Heights

As competition for passengers among airlines heats up, so does the food. On a recent trip from Newark to Dallas, I was surprised to see “Hot Angus Burger” as one of the dining options on the a la carte menu peeking out from the seat pocket in front of me.

The price tag is not what attracted me, though at $6.25 it seemed like a bargain compared to the $7 Select snack box filled only with bite-sized appetizers.

It was the sheer madness of offering a hot burger at 30,000 feet that intrigued me.

I know, I know: airplane food is legendary for its badness. There’s probably a good reason for the menu being right next to the “sick sack.” But I was crazy enough and hungry enough to give it a try.

The burger came wrapped in paper, much like you would get at Burger King or McDonald’s. It smelled great, especially since I’d worked up an appetite running from Terminal A to Terminal C to catch my plane.

The bun was disappointing — an over-toasted, dry sesame bun. But perhaps it was a fluke? I’ve had a couple of pretty toasty sandwiches at burger joints on terra firma, too.

For the rest, I have only positive comments: great tasting beef patty, condiments on the side, 2 fresh, beautiful tomato slices, crisp lettuce, and 2 delicious pickles. It was tasty, substantial and perhaps the best fare I’ve ever had in coach class, at least post 9/11.

It was a winner and I would order it again. I just wish it had come with fries!

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