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Royal Wedding: Blog Coverage

As someone writing a serious book about London and the British, I lament the fact that the media has turned the upcoming royal wedding into a veritable circus. I’m one of the millions who couldn’t care less what shade of eyeshadow Catherine Middleton will be wearing on her wedding day or what Prince William did for his bachelor party, but I am interested in the centuries’ old pageantry that surrounds royal weddings, and hearing about the traditions and stories of bygone days.

So that’s my caveat for what I’m about to announce.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m somewhat of an Anglophile. Starting this week, and using the upcoming royal wedding as a good excuse, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite British things, including:

  • three of my favorite British recipes
  • a celebration and tutorial of the Art of Tea
  • manuscript previews of two chapters in PrayerWalk London: Walk 1 — Church & State (Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament) and Walk 2 — Crown & Glory (Buckingham Palace and St. James’s)
  • Reviews and photos of my 3 favorite places to have tea in England: the Pump Room in Bath, The Randolph in Oxford, and Fortnum & Mason in London
  • An overview of the timing and places on the Royal Wedding itinerary
  • A Peek at the Royal Mews. Part stables, part garage, the Royal Mews contains all the royal vehicles, whether horse-drawn carriages or rolls royces, that convey their royal highnesses to all State occasions.
  • A “Royal Day Out” — Limited on time in London but want to see what’s best? I’ll suggest an itinerary for a luxurious day in London that hits all the royal hot spots and allows time for some serious pampering.  

Gas prices are sky-high, travel costs are prohibitive, but I invite you to join me for the armchair vacation of a lifetime over the next couple of weeks — no passport needed!

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