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Piñata Power

29 October 2011

“Don’t pursue your dreams: Chase ’em down and tackle ’em.”

                                                                      — Back of some guy’s t-shirt.

In graduate school, I had to do a lot of reading. To avoid eye strain, I usually sat by a window so I could look outside once in a while and relax my eyes. One day from my balcony I observed a little girl’s birthday party “in full swing”: the kids were lined up single file and each one took a turn swatting at a big pink and purple candy-shaped piñata hanging from a tree.

Some of the little ones didn’t understand the object of the game. They would saunter up to the piñata and lightly tap it with the stick, then quickly run back to the end of the line. After a few minutes of this, one particular boy got the stick in his hands — and it quickly became obvious that he had played this game before. He stepped up to the piñata and started wacking the thing like a crazy person. He knew there was candy in there, and he was going to get some!!

I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair — especially when the adults at the party had to restrain him — but it also reminded me that God wants us to be like that little boy when it comes to asking for the good things He has promised us.  Sometimes we’re more like the girls in their pretty summer dresses and the boys in their shorts and collared shirts stepping up hesitantly to the throne of Heaven, asking timidly for blessings, wisdom, insight, and all of the things which God has already promised to give us if we just ask.

When that piñata finally split open and candy showered down from above, it wasn’t just the bold little piñata hitter who was blessed: everyone’s enthusiasm kicked in and all the kids shared in the reaping of the benefits.

How about being a heavenly piñata hitter today? Ask for the things that are on your heart; pursue your God-given dreams with confidence and enthusiasm!

“Ye have not, because ye ask not.” — James 4:2



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2 Comments to “Piñata Power”

  1. Love it! What a wonderful vivid illustration! Recently I watched a DVD of a message on prayer that was challenging us to think more about the words we say so automatically in our prayers. For example, why do we ask God to “be with us” when we know that the spirit of God lives in us and is with us at all times? We should thank the Lord that He’s already with us, then ask boldly for Him to do mighty things in our lives!

    “Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

  2. That’s wonderful and so true! Thanks for the reminder that we serve such a loving God!

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