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Top 10 Things I’ll Miss about my 9-to-5 Job

14 December 2010

Somewhere among my keepsakes and memorabilia is a handwritten note to myself from when I was about 15 that speaks volumes about my view of office jobs:

“Dear Nathalie-of-the-Future,

Please shoot me if ever I take a 9-to-5 job.



As a rather free-spirited teenager I couldn’t imagine anything worse than holding down a full-time job where I’d have to “clock in, clock out.” I wanted to be a freelance writer, setting my own hours, traveling the world, and choosing only assignments that seemed the most interesting to me.

Some of you are chuckling because you probably had similar dreams of what life was going to be like once you grew up. Should I mention that I didn’t pay careful attention when Mom tried to teach me about deep-cleaning the house because I thought I’d have a maid when I grew up? And getting my driver’s license was really just a back-up measure until my chauffeur came along.   Ah, life has a way of throwing you a curve ball!

But somehow, having a regular job turned out to be surprisingly rewarding. As I prepare to leave the office behind, I’m growing a little nostalgic and have put together my list of the things I like most about my job.

Top 10 Things I’ll Miss about my 9-to-5 Job

1. Learning from the people around me

2. The slow-paced life of academia

3. Accountability — Someone will always notice and care if I don’t get up in the morning

4. Salary and Benefits

5. Opportunities for change and advancement (for those who desire it)

6. Daily reason for getting dressed and getting out in the morning

7. A beautiful office with a window that overlooks a veranda and forest

8. Gossiping, I mean talking, around the water cooler

9. Snow Days!!! Staying up late to see if school will or will not be canceled; calling the Inclement Weather line compulsively

But what I’ll miss most …  

10. My colleagues who provide a loving support system, fellowship and a great work environment.

Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 3:22, “So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work.” So often we sell ourselves short in our dreams and life really does turn out better than we’d planned — though very different. Having a regular gigue at an office these last few years has been one of the richest experiences of my life, though 15-year-old me never would have believed it!

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  1. Your job should do a list on what they’ll miss about you. I’m sure they’ll have more than 10. I know I will.

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