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London Times

I’d forgotten how completely insane the days are here. We get up early, go hard and fast all day long, and are lucky to collapse into our beds before midnight (and I suspect some of the students go to bed much later than that, not to mention any names — TREY RAMSEY). But there’s at least a feeling of satisfaction that we are making the most of our limited time in England.

Alycia, Jeandelize, Gabi, Trey, Wayne

Yesterday, we went to London. Our primary destination was the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, just outside of London, and particularly an exhibit called “Atlantic Worlds,” about the movement of people, good and ideas across and around the Atlantic Ocean from the 17th to the 19th century. Very appropriate to our studies on immigration. 

After the museum, the group split into three groups: the Jack-the-Ripper tour people, the Mousetrap people, and the other group. The J-t-R people (who shall remain nameless but I’ll give you a clue: they’re the people who aren’t in the photo that follows) had to make it back to London in time for their 3:30 tour, but the rest of us rested our weary feet at the museum’s cafe and had coffee and pastries. Then we reunited with our long-lost RAs Gabi and Dan and headed off to find the Prime Meridian.

Royal Observatory

We had to climb a steep hill (quite Mt. Everest as it seemed to us) and there was a point when the incline was so steep that our foreheads practically touched the pavement! What made it all-the-more difficult was that our two “characters” Justin and Trey kept making us laugh so that we were panting, laughing, and trying to climb all at the same time. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, I assure you. We finally found the Meridian Line, took the requisite photos of us standing with feet straddling the dividing line of Greenwich Mean Time, then headed back down the hill to Greenwich Pier.

Our sightseeing bus tickets included a free cruise on the Thames from Greenwich to central London, so we used that mode of transportation to get to the bus stop for our open-top bus tour of London. We were running a bit behind because of having to wait an extraordinarily long time for the right bus (narrowly avoiding an international clash as a large group of Japanese students, not seeming to realize there was a queue, jumped ahead of us — but then after a few minutes realized they were at the wrong bus stop).

Thames Cruise

We were at first perplexed about the stage and speakers set up in Trafalgar Square, along with the people camping out there, but we found out on our tour that the premiere of the newest Harry Potter film was going to be shown there the next day — which is tonight, actually. People had been camped out since Monday. After about an hour and fifteen minutes on the bus, we hopped off to go find dinner. At that point, Jeandelize and Alycia left us for Chinatown.

At the Mousetrap

Dan, Gabi, and I grabbed some food which we ended up eating on some stairs near St. Martin’s Theatre, home to the Mousetrap, and we’re not really sure where Gina, Trey, and Justin went because their stories don’t quite match up.

Anyhow, everyone ended up being on time for the play, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Did you know the Mousetrap is in its 59th year? It’s the longest-running play and has achieved a number of world records. I loved the intimacy and feel of the art deco interior and the play itself was great fun. Won’t tell you “whodunnit” but if you’re an Agatha Christie fan this really is a must-do.

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  1. Oh BTW, are the pics from your new camera?

  2. Had a couple minutes so decided to check in on your blog. Never thought “a day in the life of Nat in London with and a bunch of people I’ve never met” could be that entertaining. Great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. NK

  3. MOUSETRAP! AHHHH AWESOME! 🙂 Love you Nat!

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