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Faith like That

11 January 2011

My sister Lori likes to pick up pennies in parking lots. I humor her. Every once in a while she’ll find a “cache” — five or six pennies that someone dropped but didn’t bother to pick up. And she feels rich.

Imagine you’re at the supermarket one day and near the store entrance you spot not five pennies but a treasure chest full of gold coins. Near the coins is a sign that says “Help Yourself.”

Some shoppers pass right by without noticing anything. Others — and I’m afraid I usually fit in with these wise guys — say, “There must be a catch. You don’t get something for nothing.” Others take a little of the gold, but not too much, as long as people are watching (what would happen under the cover of night is a whole different story!).

But just when you think you’ve seen everything, here comes some poor soul who’s been up all night praying that God would provide for his financial needs — an electric bill that needs paying, money for food to put on the table, gas money. This guy was on his way to the store to spend his last dollar on food. All of a sudden he spots the treasure chest and his eyes go back and forth like a ping-pong ball between the stack of gold and the sign. Then he throws up his hands, falls on his knees and says, “Thank you, Lord! I knew you would provide!”

Faith like that makes Father God’s heart proud. And faith like that – faith “like a little child” – is filled with expectancy and brings delight to everyday moments and situations. Faith like that trusts that no matter what the circumstance, God’s got your back. You don’t know why, but for some strange reason He cares what happens to you.

And faith like that is what opens up the doors to the treasuries of Heaven.

Faith, Home, Life, Prayer

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