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Encouragement for Moms (& Caregivers)

5 September 2011

Here’s an encouraging thought for moms, or other full-time caregivers, who never seem able to devote adequate time to prayer. This is from Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard J. Foster, an author for whom I have great respect:

“We must be careful [not] to lay impossible burdens upon people … Over this matter I want to give some counsel for parents of infants. The demands that your baby makes are immense–more than you realize right now — especially if you are a single parent. The interruptions never end. Also, your sleep is seldom deep because you always have one ear open for your baby. It is important to recognize this fact and be easy with yourself. This time will pass — sooner than you think. Rather than trying to pray in some fanciful isolation that you will never find, discover God in your times with your baby. God will become real to you through your baby. The times of play with your baby are your prayer. You may be able to pray during feeding time — this is especially true for nursing mothers — so sing your prayers to the Lord. In a few short months you will be able to return to a more regular pattern of prayer.”

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4 Comments to “Encouragement for Moms (& Caregivers)”

  1. When I became a new mom, it was surprising to me how little time I suddenly had to spend quietly with the Lord. But I learned, just as you so eloquently reminded us in your blog, that life is full of seasons. God understands those seasons; He created them!

  2. As part-time caregiver for my grandmother, I can appreciate the “always having one ear open” while sleeping. When it’s my turn to do night-duty, my ear is always alert to the monitor, and I’m ready to jump up and run downstairs if she needs help in the middle of the night.

    I have to confess I don’t always have the best heart attitude in those 3am bathroom visits with grandma. But I’ve had some good times with Jesus when everyone else is asleep, taking the opportunity to shoot up quick “arrow prayers” (like Nehemiah did – Neh.2:4). I remember my friends in Asia who are awake while we in North America are sleeping, I pray for family members in various places, or I just ask the Lord to give me a thankful heart for this brief and precious time I have with my sweet 99-yr-old grandmother.

    Thank you for a good reminder to maintain an attitude of communion with our Father, even in the busiest seasons of our lives!

  3. Hey Nathalie,

    Good post! There really is nothing sacred once motherhood begins, but then again everything is sacred as I see my own walk with the Lord mirrored through the relationships I have with my kids. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nathalie,

    Thank you for the encouraging reminder. Being tired and sleep deprived and for four of the five kids starting school tomorrow… this was a great post.


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