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Easy Candle Trick: Removing Stubborn Wax

3 November 2011

I love burning candles to enliven overcast autumn days and to beautify the holiday season. But removing wax from candleholders? Not my favorite thing in the world. Until my mom taught me this clever little trick that turns that dreaded task into an absolute cinch.

Here’s the trick: Once the votive has burned out, simply place the candleholder “as is” in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Remove it from the freezer and the candle wax will pop right out.

Pretty easy, huh?!

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2 Comments to “Easy Candle Trick: Removing Stubborn Wax”

  1. Great tip. You can also use an ice cube on wax melted on cloth and linens… which helps the wax harden making it easier to remove. I love candles! I have the fall ones out… pumpkin and spice… mmmm.


  2. Amazing! I never would have thought of that. I can’t tell you how much frustration has arisen from chipping at old candle wax with fingernails and knives… Thanks for the tip!

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