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Congressional Prayer Caucus

10 December 2010

Did you know that there is an official caucus on Capitol Hill whose main purpose is to recognize the vital role that prayer has played throughout the more than 200-year history of our nation?

It was news to me, too, and I’ve worked on the Hill.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus was founded in 2005 by Congressman J. Randy Forbes (4th District, VA) and consists of 50 Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. These members set aside their political differences to gather weekly and pray for America and the decisions of her leaders.  

Their three-fold statement of purpose includes recognizing the key role of prayer in uniting us as a nation and making us better people, to share ideas about prayer, and to strengthen prayer in America through the legislative process?

Now that’s a political committee I can throw myself behind 100%!

You can learn more about the Congressional Prayer Caucus at http://forbes.house.gov/PrayerCaucus/

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