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August, already?

With some Regent colleagues

Today was “back to school” day for many students in this area, and for me it’s “back to blogging” day after several weeks of travel.

Four days after returning from London, I flew to Virginia Beach, Virginia for my last week of full-time work at Regent University. It was exciting and scary at the same time: exciting because I was finally stepping into my dream of becoming a full-time writer, but scary because it meant saying goodbye to a steady, comfortable job and the support of a wonderful network of colleagues. (As it turns out, however, Regent will be one of my “clients” in my new vocation, so the ties continue.)

Sandbridge Beach

My first week back in Virginia was filled with wrap-up work, goodbyes, a farewell party, and lots of lunches and dinners with good friends. But during each day of that crazy busy week, the carrot at the end of the stick was the fact that my second week was going to be VACATION! I was determined to enjoy Virginia Beach — where I’d lived for the past 10 years — as though I were a tourist visiting on holiday. I’d written up a list of 10 to 20 things I wanted to see and do and had roped my cousin Michelle, recently back from several months in Germany, into joining me. But the main thing I wanted to do was simply hang out as often as possible at my favorite beach, Sandbridge.

It was a great time. Now I’m back in Missouri and starting my new life as a freelancer — which, incidentally, is turning out to be a lot harder and a lot less romantic than it had appeared to me at age 15. But more on that later.



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