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All Good News

In my post March 6 post Good News, Bad News, I mentioned my flashdrive that had died and taken my PrayerWalk London manuscript with it to its electronic grave. It was a sad day when that happened and a sad day, too, when out found out it would be at least $350 to recover the files. I was on the verge of giving up on the flashdrive and starting the manuscript from scratch when the computer company that had my flashdrive called me with some good news.

During a slow day at the office, one of their personnel had decided to take a crack at recovering the documents (bless him). Some were corrupted but others were retrievable! In the end they charged me under a third of the original estimate for sending it off and having it looked at by specialists using expensive technology. I just checked the new flashdrive and it looks like most of my more important documents are there.

Praise the Lord! (And yes, I know, back it up … back it up … back it up!)

Also, we are back from the hospital and my mom is over the pneumonia. We’ll have the results from her colon biopsies next week. We are all catching up on sleep and recovering from the drama of last week’s events. And feeling extremely grateful to be home. 🙂

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