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A New Chapter — Literally!

After a couple of months’ work, the “Parks & Recreation” chapter of PrayerWalk London seems to finally be done. At least in rough draft form. It’s so much easier at this stage to go back and edit, rather than having to do the hard, creative work of putting the words originally on the page. All that’s needed at this point is to let is sit for a little while and to go back with “fresh eyes” to do another round of editing.

In the meantime, I’ve moved on to a new chapter: “Walk 1. Church & State: Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament.” This chapter deals with the geographic and political center of London — the “heart” of London, as it were. Whereas Regent’s Park is relatively unknown to most foreign travelers, who hasn’t heard of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Westminster Palace (aka, the Houses of Parliament)?

This is going to be an exciting chapter to write, but the key will be to narrow down tons of information into a palatable and readable dozen of pages. So far I have 52 pages of “essential” information!

If you’d like something specific to pray about in this endeavor, please pray that I’ll have wisdom to discern what to include and what to delete. I don’t want just to repeat information that you could get from any guidebook. As I write, I’m praying that my eyes will be open to see “behind the scenes” and present facts and information to the reader and prayerwalker that are more insightful and go deeper into the spiritual dimension of what goes on/has gone on in this square mile filled with history, intrigue, and mystery.

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