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A Grand Finale

Chef Mark outdid himself today at lunch. Everyone walked in from class, hungry as usual, but instead of having us line up to eat our food cafeteria style, the kitchen staff told us to sit down at the table and that they’d be serving us. They brought out plates with dramatically presented rack of lamb over a tambour of potato, drizzled in a red wine sauce. It was beautiful and this photo below does not do it justice. It tasted divine! Rack of lamb happens to be my very favorite special occasion meal and so I felt that we were really spoiled. Plus, in my five years of coordinating the program this is this first time the staff has treated us to a special sit-down meal like this. Thank you, Chef Mark!


Rack of lamb in wine sauce


And then there was dessert … a beautiful and delicious Strawberry Bavarois!

Strawberry Bavarois

Tonight is our fancy candle-lit gala dinner, catered by the Hertford College main site chef, but it sure is going to be hard to top this memorable lunch.



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  1. You’re funny. No, didn’t get the recipes — wish I had! But we did surmise that the cookie crumb crust was probably made from some of our uneaten cookies from the hospitality table, the mousse and strawberry decor where made from our leftover fruit from breakfast, etc. How resourceful!

  2. And you got those recipes, right?

  3. Love.

  4. Good heavens, that looks divine.

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