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Our Coffee Queen

Today's Hero, Alycia

Alycia Graves was our hero today. We’re in a different classroom for the rest of the week and the good news is that it’s not even five minutes away from the dorm; the bad news is that there are no coffee shops in the vicinity. So Miss Alycia volunteered (or was volunteered?) to go get our coffees and bring them back. She’s a saint and all of us coffee-holics were so grateful to her. She also became Prof. Kohm’s hero and saved the class by providing a way to connect to wi-fi. Thanks, Alycia!

New Classroom

I don’t think I’ve spent enough time talking about the food here — and I always mean to take pictures but by the time I get to lunch I’m so hungry and the food looks and smells so delicious that it short-circuits my brain and I forget — but I think all would agree that it has been delicious. Chef Mark has outdone himself. I think we’ve had potatoes every day but never once has it been in the same format. That’s proof of great creativity there! Today we had gammon (which apparently is ham but prepared slightly differently) with an hollandaise sauce, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, homemade potato “chips,” three different kinds of salads, and a berry cheesecake for dessert. I’m really going to try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.


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  1. Alycia, you’re my hero also. I really like the photos, cards, live profile and all the fun ways of communication. Thanks for making me feel like I’m there also. The photo’s of the food makes me feel hungry Hope to see you Saturday.

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