About Me

I’m Nathalie Jeter, a freelance journalist and author of the PrayerWalk Guides series. I was born and raised in Paris, France and have been hooked on travel since my first transatlantic flight when I was one. When not wandering the globe, I reside in Missouri and love to blog because it’s an outlet for talking about my favorite topics: travel, food, and prayer.

My current writing project is PrayerWalk London, the third in the guidebook series (following PrayerWalk Beijing and PrayerWalk Paris) – and there are many more guidebooks in the works, including DC, Madrid, and Morocco. After that, the sky’s the limit!

I want to encourage people to DREAM, THINK, and ACT. 

About PrayerWalk Guides.

PrayerWalk Guides is a series of pocket-sized guidebooks that take readers on themed walks around the most beautiful cities in the world. What makes this series different from Frommer’s, Fodor’s, and Michelin guidebooks? In addition to practical information, PrayerWalk guidebooks include prayer points and Christian heritage information, providing Christian travelers with unique “behind-the-scenes” perspectives for each major part of the city.

Each walk includes:

  • Highlights – The “don’t miss” sites of each walk
  • Visitor Information – Opening hours of monuments and museums, entry fees, and other related information
  • Prayer Points – Spiritual needs to keep in mind as you walk around the city
  • Take a Break – Good spots to rest your feet or grab a bite to eat 
  • Points to Ponder – Insight to consider as you view the city from select vantage points



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